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What does basketball have to do with second chances?

June 11, 2015
Why people are fascinated by LeBron James. (Photo Credit:

Why people are fascinated by LeBron James. (Photo Credit:

I know it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. She’s probably just warming up, but LeBron James has got to be feeling pretty good right about now. The NBA Finals aren’t over, but the Cleveland Cavaliers are holding it out over the Golden State Warriors, 2-1 in the series. All three games have been won by less than ten points, indicative of the thrilling nail-biting competitions these games have been.

Since my all-time favorite player is Magic Johnson and he hasn’t played in a while, it has been a long time since I regularly followed professional basketball. But there’s just something quite compelling about James. Whether foolhardy, cocky or simply drained from playing on a losing team, James left the Cavaliers in 2010. He left blazes behind, but it wasn’t a blaze of glory. People were actually burning photos of him and his jerseys all over town due to the abrupt and seemingly cold-hearted way he left.

He surfed on over to Miami amidst dreams of a “super team” comprised of James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Like many of the best laid plans this mighty threesome didn’t quite live up to all of the hype. Then James came back to Cleveland. Many fans still held a grudge over the fact that he’d left them in the first place. But the majority was just glad to have him back no matter how it happened. And then they started winning, and suddenly they are in the playoffs.

If the truth be told, I think the appeal of James’ journey goes far beyond sports. It reminds us all of that secret (or maybe not so secret) stupid decision we once made that we would give half of what we own to be granted a do over for, because we know it would have changed the trajectory of our lives. For many of us it may not seem like it’s possible to take a mulligan. However, when we see James getting his second chance with the Cavaliers, we can’t help but cheer to the top of our lungs because one day it just might be us getting that second chance in life. I thank you.


Uniquely you; standing out in a cookie-cutter world

March 23, 2015
Walter Cronkite kept his audience enthralled.  (Photo Credit:

Walter Cronkite kept his audience enthralled. (Photo Credit:

I get a kick out of my husband’s comments should we not be home in time for the news. He’ll always say we need to get home and catch the “Evening News with Walter Cronkite”. It tickles me, but it got me to thinking about the importance of giving our all in everything we do. As many of you know, Cronkite passed away July 17, 2009, culminating an illustrious career in broadcast journalism. In a statement following Cronkite’s death, President Obama said, “He was someone we could trust to guide us through the most important issues of the day; a voice of certainty in an uncertain world.” Cronkite was one of the first newsmen to be known as “the most trusted man in America”, and unlike some of our more recent anchors, was not known to have dishonored that title. He was not perfect, as none of us are, but he established a reputation for telling it straight.


So it is very interesting that my husband still refers to CBS Evening News as Walter Cronkite’s show. He is not being disrespectful to current anchors, but in actuality he is bestowing yet another honor upon Cronkite. The journalist did his job so well, and made such an indelible impression that, years after his demise, he is still thought of in association with a great news program.

What is your task or calling today? To exercise your gift to the best of your ability can be an achievable goal for many of us. God blesses us with different talents that actually honor Him, when we share them with the world. And when we do so with a passion for excellence, He will enhance the rest so that it will reach where we cannot reach, and touch those we cannot touch. Go ahead, step out on faith today, and make your mark. Leave your unique stamp upon whatever duties befall your hands. I thank you.