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Oprah’s Interview with Bobbi Kristina and Family

July 27, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown has passed away at the tender age of 22. She died Sunday evening, July 26, 2015. Today I am re-posting a review of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Bobbi Kristina in 2012. It was Bobbi Kris’ first public interview after losing her mother, Whitney Houston. In the light of the devastating news about Bobbi Kris, I wanted to share again the interview that showed that Bobbie Kris, despite still grieving her mom, was hopeful and seemed to have a future. Oh how we were all pulling for her that night.

Oprah  Winfrey  interviews Bobbi Kristina for first time after Whitney Houston's Death. (Photo Credit: OWN/Ophrah Winfrey Network)

Oprah Winfrey interviews Bobbi Kristina for first time after Whitney Houston’s Death. (Photo Credit: OWN/Oprah Winfrey Network)

I just watched Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown (Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter), Gary Houston (Whitney’s brother), and Pat Houston (Whitney’s sister-in-law). It was a very emotional program. I went into it with a sense of apprehension mixed with “I can’t miss this”. I must say that I was very relieved with the outcome. Here’s why.

I remember seeing Diane Sawyer’s interview with Whitney a number of years ago, and although Diane asked the pertinent questions, it got a little combative. With Bobbi Kristina having just lost her mother, I wanted to hear from her, but I also felt a bit protective at the thought of this teenager being thrown to the wolves with pointed questions raining down upon her like jabs in a boxing ring. I needn’t have worried.Oprah to the rescue.

I can’t think of a better person than Oprah to have conducted this interview. Oprah welcomed Bobbi Kristina with arms outstretched, and simply held her for several moments. You could see that she put Bobbi Kristina at ease. Oprah led Bobbi through favorite memories of her mom. She asked touching questions such as “what will you miss most about your mom?”, and “what was your last day like with your mother?”.

I was so happy to hear Bobbi say that, though it was difficult, looking back she sees that her mother was preparing her for the day Bobbi would be thrust into the spotlight. And she felt that Whitney’s spirit was still with her saying “keep moving on. I’ve got you”. Bobbi said she has her up times and times when it hits her hard, but that she’s taking it one day at a time. Overall Bobbi came across as a very composed young lady, dealing admirably with the loss of a mother she so clearly loved and cherished. I believe Whitney would have been very proud of her.

Pat Houston struck me as someone who loved Whitney very much, enough to dare to stand up to her in a world of yes men. She spoke honestly of Whitney’s problems, but said that Whitney was dealing with her issues and, towards the end of her life, was turning things around for the better. She shared that Whitney was last at their home on New Year’s Day. She said she’d never seen Whitney so happy as she was when they played a rousing game of bingo down in the basement. She described Whitney as laughing the whole time and thoroughly enjoying her time with the family.

Pat went on to poignantly describe her last moments seeing Whitney when, despite the authorities trying to force her out of the hotel room, she was unable to leave her friend Whitney alone. She stayed until the EMTs had exhausted all rescue efforts and covered Whitney’s face before they carried her body out. Pat said that in the end she feels that Whitney’s downfall was looking for love in all the wrong places. Whitney was human just like the rest of us. I must add that very few of us have not been in that same predicament at one time or the other.

Gary Houston was clearly a big brother in tremendous grief. When Oprah asked him about Bobby and Whitney, it was very interesting to hear Gary say that he loved Bobby and thought he was a great guy. He said, in effect, that Bobby and Whitney were very much in love, and were both great people. It’s just that apparently they weren’t good together. He couldn’t place the blame on either party. I thought this was an incredibly fair and objective statement considering how Bobby is routinely maligned by much of the press.

Gary said that the only people who really know what goes on in a marriage are the two people in that marriage. He did touch on the fact that he felt very violated by the fact that someone among the close family and friends invited to the viewing at the funeral home would have taken a picture of Whitney in her casket and leaked it to the media. He called the act “wicked” and I totally agree.

Oprah said that she’d spoken to Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston the day before the interview and offered her the chance to speak if she wished. Cissy said that she just wasn’t ready to speak yet, and understandably so. Gary said that his mother had told him several times that Whitney’s voice was a vessel for her gift from God and that they wouldn’t have Whitney with them for long. He said that though Cissy had mentioned this several times, Whitney’s death still devastated her. Oprah said that when she asked Cissy how she was doing, Cissy said “some days I’m not doing”. My prayers go out to Cissy and the family.

Though many of us are still reeling from the unexpected loss of Whitney Houston, I have to commend Oprah for the compassionate manner in which she conducted this interview, even shedding tears when witnessing the family’s grief in telling their story. Oprah Winfrey handled this interview in a classy, dignified and respectful manner. And in this sometimes sordid, cut-throat tabloid world, it was, quite frankly, a refreshing and hopeful change. Well done Oprah. Rest in peace Whitney Houston. Thank you for sharing yourself and your incredible voice with the world. Yours was truly “The Voice”.


It’s his prerogative; Arlen Escarpeta cast as Bobby Brown in Lifetime’s biopic

July 15, 2014
Introducing the actor who won the role of Bobby Brown.  (Photo credit:  Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Introducing the actor who won the role of Bobby Brown. (Photo credit: Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Essence magazine reported yesterday that Lifetime network has chosen Arlen Escarpeta, 33, to play the role of Bobby Brown in its upcoming biopic about Whitney Houston’s climb to fame and the over-the-top crazy love of the couple.  They had already cast actress YaYa DaCosta in the role of the legendary Houston.

Director Angela Bassett has chosen not to rehash the painful memories and questions surrounding the drowning of Whitney Houston in a hotel bathtub on February 11, 2012.  Bassett said, “We’re not interested in dragging her life again through, you know, the muck. She had to play out her choices, and the consequences of them, in a very hot, glaring spotlight, but we’re not interested in dragging that through again.”  (Continue reading full story here.)

Bruno Mars makes recovering fan feel like a true ‘Treasure’

July 1, 2014

Bruno Mars sings to cheer up young girl recovering from horrific tragedy.


Not many people know Peter Gene Hernandez.  But almost everyone knows Bruno Mars.  Even the stage name is almost other worldly.  Bruno Mars is a star.  His singing has been compared with the likes of Marvin Gaye; and his dance-filled, high-energy live performances have been compared with those of the late great Michael Jackson.  Well onstage theatrics aside, Bruno Mars proved he is one of the nicest guys in show business Saturday when he singled out and performed for a very special fan

The Plain Dealer is reporting today that the show was in Cleveland, OH, and was a part of Mars’ Moonshine Jungle Tour.  This is Mars’ second tour and he is getting rave reviews and sold out shows all over the country. Mars was already a hot up and coming artist, but his name recognition, bankability and star power shot through the roof after he gave what many called the best half-time show in years at the 2014 Super Bowl.

Mars made one young lady in Cleveland super happy with some up close and personal attention.  The brave Zumyah Thorpe, 11, is another victim of the horrible epidemic of drunk driving that is plaguing the nation.  These drunk drivers seldom realize how drastically a split-second foolish decision can alter someone else’s whole existence.    (Continue reading full story here.)

From ‘Say My Name’ to ‘Say Yes’; Destiny’s Child reunites on gospel song

May 23, 2014
Destiny's Child, seen here performing for the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, released a gospel song Wednesday.   (Photo Credit:  Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Destiny’s Child, seen here performing for the 2013 Super Bowl
halftime show, released a gospel song Wednesday. (Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Well Hallelujah, some good news for the ladies of former power group Destiny’s Child.  When Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland joined Beyoncé Knowles onstage for an electric set during the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, fans were hyped that the group was finally getting back together.  It wasn’t to be at that time; however the divas dropped another tease Wednesday with the release of “Say Yes”.

Don’t grab your miniskirts in glee and dash out to the clubs just yet.  The masters of reinvention have surprised us again.  “Say Yes” is actually a gospel song.  It is a remake of a Nigerian hymn.  This version is a high-energy, drum-filled song that promises to have the church ushers dancing in the aisles. (Continue reading full story here.)

Lyrical Love

December 17, 2013


Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Larry Busacca

Hi everyone.  Well here we are four days after the one and only Mrs. Carter has shattered all ITunes records ever with the secret release of her latest album “Beyonce”.  While I too am thrilled with her latest success, I am not at all surprised.  Jay-Z is still in the videos with her and she is still smiling from ear to ear.  So I can’t help it.  I want to re-share a post I first published on February 8, 2012. Just because.  🙂  

This post is pure indulgent romantica.  I am just so digging Beyonce’s evolution of love right now.  Let’s take a stroll “back down memory lane” (another great song, but we’ll talk about that another time).

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t really a fan of Jay Z and Beyonce as a couple in the beginning.  I thought he was too gangster and she was too elegant.  But as time went on, they kind of grew on me.  And now I’m totally rooting for their love to last.  Let me explain why I get such a rush out of this couple.    Enjoy.:)

Eddie Murphy Finally Comes Home To The Arsenio Hall Show

November 20, 2013

Arsenio Hall and Eddie MurphyPhoto Credit:  Arsenio Hall Facebook Page

Last night, 11/19/2013, was one of the better nights in the annals of late night talk show history.  Two of the funniest men alive, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall were reunited on the Arsenio Hall Show.  Arsenio Hall frequently had Eddie Murphy on as a guest during the first incarnation of the Arsenio Hall Show more than 20 years ago.  They were flying high at the time, riding the waves of success.  Murphy, clad in a fitted red leather creation, was steaming up big screens around the country in the stand-up comedy movie “Raw”.  Together the men had audiences rolling in the aisles with movies like “Coming to America” and “Harlem Nights”.

Flash forward and there they were last night, discussing the 25th anniversary of “Coming to America”, and teasing about a possible sequel.  I saw many comments on Facebook saying how remarkably well and fit both of them looked after all of these years.  The show opened up with a video of Eddie Murphy in a video performance of “Red Light”.  Murphy was singing lead and strumming guitar in the Reggae-styled tune, with Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg) lending some smooth raps.

The whole interview was good, but two segments were downright hilarious.  In the first one Hall recounted the story of how years ago he got Murphy to drink some screwdrivers at a house party.  The problem was that Murphy did not (and still does not) drink alcoholic beverages.  Hall said that with a houseful of guests, Murphy was so drunk that he was on the kitchen floor talking to a dog named Val and saying, “Val you’re the only one I can trust”.

The second crazy story involved Murphy telling about how he had actually been sued by an African prince after the movie “Coming to America” came out.  Apparently the African prince said that he had come to America in search of meeting and pursuing the actress Ola Ray, star of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.  He accused Murphy of stealing his life.  Murphy had the audience in stitches imitating (with flailing arms and high-pitched African dialect) the guy screaming “You stole my life.  I want it back!”.  You can see the hilarious video clip here.

The only criticism I have been reading about was that the segments were too short and the commercials were too long.  Judging from the crowd’s reaction last night, 25 years has been long enough and we were ready to see these two do more movies, more television, more anything as long as it is together.  In an age where show business friendships are often discarded as quickly as yesterday’s shoes, there’s something that warms the heart when you see long-lasting friendships.  And in this harsh economic climate during which many people are looking for reasons to smiles, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall gave us just that last night.

Kanye Takes A Chance On Love

October 25, 2013

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-ring-lg-01Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Clyde Haygood

What a difference eight years can make. In 2005 rapper Kanye West soared to the number one spot on the Billboard chart with an infectious little ditty called “Gold Digger”. Kanye rapped about a woman who was always wearing the most fashionable clothes, being seen at all the “in” places and ruthlessly leaving one man for the next spurred by the size of their bank accounts. During the song Kanye urgently warns his listeners “If you ain’t no punk holla we want prenup. WE WANT PRENUP! Yeah”.

Fast forward to Monday, October 21, 2013. Kanye West rented out the San Francisco Giants’ stadium and proposed to Kim Kardashian in grand fashion, complete with a 15 carat sparkler to seal the deal. The proposal was especially touching because that was Kim’s birthday. Now many late night comedians back in the day joked that young party women of the Kim type (although not her specifically) were the basis of Kanye’s song.

Kim was catapulted into the limelight when a sex tape of her with R&B singer Ray J was leaked to the public. She had a media-spotlighted relationship with NFL star Reggie Bush, and a 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries. Like the song says she doesn’t mess with broke or struggling. In light of her track record, there was a flurry of fan disbelief and backlash when Kanye West announced that there would be no prenup.

Let’s give love a chance. This is Kanye’s first marriage and Kim’s third. He is stepping up to the plate and doing the right thing by putting a ring on the mother of their child. This might even be an example to the ever fruitful and multiplying Kourtney and Scott.

Kim and Kanye have named their baby North West, but that’s a story for another day. Suffice it to say she probably won’t have to fill out too many 9-5 job applications where human resources personnel might question her name. Kanye said he loves Kim and she has enough money so that she doesn’t have to ask him for anything; and because of that he wants to give her everything. You can’t argue with that. Congratulations to the happy couple.


“The Butler” Hurts So Good

September 3, 2013
Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


“The Butler” is a wonderful movie in that it is a lot like real life.  Life is quite often good and fulfilling, but not always pretty.  Such is this movie.  Kudos to the actors for being willing to forego the glamour, and let the characters be the main focus.  For instance, after leaving the theater I remarked to a friend that I was under the impression that Mariah Carey had a role in the movie.  When my friend pointed out the character that Mariah had played, I was surprised because I hadn’t even been aware that it was her.  She played her role in such a way that the audience only saw her character’s plight.

As expected, Oprah Winfrey, Forrest Whitaker, and Terrance Howard turned in exceptional performances.  The makeup artists worked magic in showing the effects of life in the faces of these characters as they aged.  Oprah and Forrest were amazing in their portrayals of the subtle nuances of aging; from the slowing of their steps to the slightest turn of the head and tremor of the fingers.   Actors David Oyelowo and Elijah Kelly as their sons were outstanding.  They so accurately portrayed the deep love underlying the sibling spats and differences, that you felt like you were home at the kitchen table with your own family.  And Cuba Gooding, Jr. is an incredible comedic actor.  His timing is pitch perfect.

The movie was good, but the subject matter definitely hurt.  It took you on a rollercoaster of emotions from pride at the tremendous courage of the characters, to dismay at knowing that people really faced such atrocities.  The hurt hit home all the more due to director Lee Daniel’s use of actual news footage from the volatile civil rights struggle of the 1960’s.  Courage is a good thing, but no human being should be called upon to prove it while staring down the dripping fangs of German shepherds; nor whilst being slammed into walls by torrents of water gushing from fire hoses.  But survive they did and, amazingly, with their dignity intact.

“The Butler” is bittersweet, but I would definitely recommend seeing this movie.  Though long forgiven, these instances of man’s inhumanity to man must never be forgotten in order to not be repeated.   This movie is also delightfully entertaining.  It has an almost Forrest Gump type of charm where we, the viewers, feel like we are being inserted, right along with the characters, into fascinating slices of history.  The movie has numerous laugh-out-loud moments and occasions of downright joy.  So bite the bullet and take the pain because like momma always told you, this medicine may not taste so good, but you will feel so much better afterwards.




Do You Believe Animals Can Talk?

September 14, 2011

I recently saw the movies “ZooKeeper” and “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. Both of these movies featured talking animals. Pure fantasy right? But the more I thought about it, I’m not so sure. Continue reading more

Inspirational Story of Love, Faith, and Romance

March 13, 2011

Greetings Book lovers, 

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