New contender to the “Empire” claims hit show stole his true life story

Ron NewtRon Newt claims the TV show “Empire” is based on his real life documentary “Bigger Than Big”.

(Photo Credit: @RonNewt Twitter Page)

In an interesting twist, we are reminded of how life and art are sometimes so eerily similar. There is a real-life former pimp and drug dealer who is suing just about everyone connected with the hit FOX network television show “Empire”. He alleges that after sharing his story during a meeting with Terrance Howard at a social event, the next thing he knows is that he’s seeing his life reflected in the prime time hit drama.

Ron Newt, the ex-gangster making the charges, is taking his cause to court and for his troubles he is asking for a judgement in his favor to the tune of one billion dollars. According to Newt, his life on the streets was just as colorful as the life of the young Lucious Lyons. He lived the infamous slogan of “sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll”; or rather, in his case, “sex, drugs, and R&B”. He signed his artists The Newtrons with label owners as diverse as Michael Jackson and Suge Knight.

The fact is, as a friend said to me, this story could be the true tale of countless ex-street guys in cities all across the country. Is this just a frivolous¬† lawsuit pressed by a con man hoping for a payday? It just might be. On the other hand are there really that many similarities between this guy’s stories and the almost fantastical drama portrayed weekly in the highly-rated series? If so, this should prove an interesting court case because even when he was on the streets, Newt supposedly had a lot of celebrity friends and might be willing to name names to prove his case. Time will tell.


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