The ugliness of arrogance; bullets crack the facade of southern charm

No mother should have to experience the pain Judy Scott felt when she saw the video of her son slaughtered in the street. (Photo Credit: via ABC)

No mother should have to experience the pain Judy Scott felt when she saw the video of her son slaughtered in the street. (Photo Credit: via ABC)

Arrogance is the next word, after cold-blooded murderer, which came to mind when I heard about the excessive parade of bullets that took the life of Walter Lamar Scott, 50, a North Charleston, SC resident. To learn that this was the handiwork of yet another officer of the law against an unarmed citizen was unbelievable, but even worse was the fact that this was done in the present climate of civil unrest and scrutiny of the ethics of some of the holders of the badge.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines arrogant as “showing an offensive attitude of superiority”. This officer, whom I hesitate to call an officer, not wanting to tarnish the other wonderful and dedicated law enforcement heroes, showed a remarkable unawareness of, or utter disdain for the current events commanding the news as of late. His disposition seems to be one of I’m going to do what I want regardless of the tension that is already in the air.

The judgment of this person, in retrospect, seems to have been incredibly flawed. His wife is reportedly eight months pregnant, so the last thing she needs is him getting fired right as they are about to bring a new life into the world. He may have momentarily snapped and fired twice out of fear, but eight times? In the back? He initially stated that he feared for his life due to the suspect struggling with him. Thanks to the due diligence of a passing citizen, a video has emerged showing that the only real struggle was the officer trying to catch up with Scott in a foot race, and failing that, dispatching his speedy bullets to do the job for him.

Knowing that interactions with officers and unarmed black men are already a hot topic of public conversation, this man was again arrogant enough not to give a flying pointed hood about how his actions would reflect on the national debate. More importantly he shot someone fleeing away from him down in the street, and showed a callous disregard of the taking of a human life unnecessarily. After the slaying of Mr. Scott has been thoroughly investigated, I hope that some of the previous encounters this officer has had will be re-visited to bring relief to families that may have been afraid to come forward because they had no video.

The Mayor, and the local authorizes must be commended for their swift actions in apprehending the culprit and launching a thorough investigation. Keep the standards high because the country, and even the world, are watching to see if our fine state is able to peek from beneath the Confederate flag flying on the grounds of its capitol and do the right thing. I thank you.

My prayers and condolences go out to the family of Mr. Walter Scott in their time of grief and loss. I pray that there will be safety without retaliation for his four sons in the event of future routine “traffic stops”.


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2 Responses to “The ugliness of arrogance; bullets crack the facade of southern charm”

  1. theyoushow2000 Says:

    On this matter of Walter Scott, it is my opinion that this case was completely different than the other cases. In this case, according to the video that was taken at the moment of the crime, this case was showing that an officer of the law shot someone – in the back– as that someone was running away.

    The “reason” for the running makes no difference in this case. As some keep asking , “Why was he running”. Bottom line is that running is not a death penalty crime. So far, it appears that there was no violence from Scott, and that there was no altercation. The video just shows him running (and he was far from the officer), away with his back turned towards the officer. That pretty much settles it all. He was, as he should have been, arrested at the scene and he was immediately charged with the crime.

    I think that it is a huge, injustice to Scott’s memory and to Scotts’ family to compare this man to other men who were involved in altercations and to those who were “fighting” for an officer’s gun.

    It is sad, that people need to lump everything together to want justice. It’s not the right way to go.

    If I was the family of Walter Scott, I would be highly insulted if anyone compared his death and this crime to what happened to any other person (recently in the news) who were shot by police officers.

    This was a true, totally clear, no questions, no doubts shooting in cold blood, a crime. And they didn’t need an autopsy to determine what happened here, the tape clearly showed this guy running , with his back towards the officer. Waiting for the trial before any other comments on this one; that’s how I feel about what happened. And I appreciate this opportunity to express my opinioni here. Thanks.

    • Pamela Kay Noble Brown Says:

      Thank you for your response theyoushow2000. I agree wholeheartedly. The why should not even matter unless it would have been self-defense on the officer’s part. Unless there is some invisible attack force field that was used against the policeman, it appears that there was no clear and present danger posed by Mr. Scott running AWAY from, rather thank TOWARDS, the murderer. I’m glad he was arrested, and now if remains to be seen if the system will follow through in this case.

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