Immigrants stand to gain licenses and help America in the process

California DMV will be the site of long lines starting today when undocumented immigrants can apply for their driver's licenses.   (photo credit:

California DMV will be the site of long lines starting today when undocumented immigrants can apply for their driver’s licenses. (photo credit:

Well, well, well. What do you know? It seems that California has made it official that undocumented immigrants can apply for and, if they pass the test, receive their driver’s license. The new program takes effect today and the state is expecting extremely long lines. The department of motor vehicles has reportedly hired at least 900 extra employees to handle the additional applicants. What does this mean in the general scheme of things?

Well there are those who are upset, because they feel that the more perks you give people that entered the country without proper documentation, the more it will seem as if the country is giving them benefits to reward their illegal status. The naysayers feel that this will be a signal to other people, who might be considering coming over under the shield of cloak and dagger stealth, that it is quite okay. No matter how you came, you’re welcome to partake of the privileges of one of the greatest countries on earth.

These are valid points. However, if one looks at the glass as half full, there may be something positive to be gained out of this unusual situation. First, one of the main complaints is that the immigrants are undocumented. Well, allowing them to apply for a driver’s license solves almost 50 percent of that problem right away. They will have to have some sort of documentation to be issued a license. Because they are here illegally, many immigrants do not have social security numbers. More than likely, they will have to provide a letter from a utility company, or some other official piece of mail that they have received at their claimed address.

I lean towards thinking this will be an excellent start to getting some kind of real numbers as to how many people actually live in our country. I also believe it will make the roads less dangerous. Let’s face it; if people want to drive, they are going to find a way to drive. This way, we know that the immigrants must take the same kind of standardized written test and road test that everyone else has to pass. This will make the roads safer for all concerned.

Finally, this is a step towards getting everyone documented and ultimately incorporated into our huge tax base. Undocumented immigrants will get a driver’s license, have to pay registration fees, and then car property taxes, and the list goes on and on. Welcome to the real world friends. Yes, it’s a land of milk and honey, but a very highly-taxed paradise. This will ease the tax burden on us all because a $900 billion tax invoice is much more easily paid when there are an extra five million people available to split the check. Cheers folks, and welcome aboard.


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