Girl to First Lady Obama: my dad’s been out of work three years

First Lady Michelle Obama embraces Charlotte Bell after the girl handed Obama her unemployed dad's resume.   (photo credit:  Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

First Lady Michelle Obama embraces Charlotte Bell after the girl handed Obama her unemployed dad’s resume. (photo credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Usually it’s the parents who take care of the children, or provide for their needs.  But one spunky little girl may have just gotten her father’s foot in the door somewhere.  Forget LinkedIn, CareerBuilders and all the others.  Charlotte Bell, 10, went straight to one of the highest sources of influence in the land.  Today, a young girl put her out-of-work dad’s resume right smack into the hands of First Lady Michelle Obama.

The surprising, but loving gesture took place earlier this morning in the East Room of the White House.  As a part of Take Our Sons and Daughters To Work Day, executive staffers were allowed to bring their children along to get a glimpse into what their parents do in the normal course of a day’s work at the most well-known employer address on Pennsylvania Avenue.

As part of the program a question-and-answer session was scheduled with First Lady Obama.  It is highly likely that Bell’s mother or some extremely close relative is one of the White House staffers in order for her to have been among the group of children granted exclusive access to this event.

If it is true that opportunity only knocks once, Bell did not hesitate to open the door.  During the meet and greet session, she got up from her seat and handed First Lady Obama her dad’s resume.  She explained that her daddy had been out of work for three years.  According to ABC News, the “first lady seemed taken aback,” and it was a rather “somber” moment.  For her courage, Bell received a gentle embrace from the first lady.

The other kids noticed the quiet exchange and started asking questions about what was going on.  However First Lady Obama told them that it was a private matter and managed to steer the discussion back to less personal issues.  Witnesses reported that at the end of the session First Lady Obama turned back and quickly grabbed the resume off of the table and took it with her.  No promises he will get a job, but if she writes the dad a letter of reference, odds are he is almost guaranteed to get at least get one interview, maybe two or three.


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