TV shows likely getting the ax; was one of these your favorite?

Is your favorite show getting axed?   (photo credit:

Is your favorite show getting axed? (photo credit:


You know the routine.  You try to resist as hard as you can.  But finally all of the coming-this-date or starting-that-date advertisements get the best of you and you fall in love with and can’t miss yet another “favorite” television show.  Well brace yourselves because the “Wall St. CheatSheet” has leaked the names of the 14 shows that will most likely not be back next season.  You can click there and read all about the intricate details and numbers these things are based on, but in the meantime here’s the skinny on the shows likely to be cancelled:

  • 1.     Betrayal, ABC
  • 2.     Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, ABC
  • 3.     The Neighbors, ABC
  • 4.     Trophy Wife, ABC
  • 5.     Enlisted, Fox
  • 6.     Rake, Fox
  • 7.     Dads, Fox
  • 8.     Almost Human, Fox
  • 9.     Hostages, CBS
  • 10.  Intelligence, CBS
  • 11.  The Mentalist, CBS
  • 12.  Dracula, NBC
  • 13.  The Carrie Diaries, The CW
  • 14.  Beauty and the Beast, The CW

Fans of The Blacklist, Scandal, Revenge, and Nashville (cue big music) you are safe.


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