“Ugly” Politics…A Sad Day…A New Low Reached!

Good Afternoon everyone. This picture right here speaks 2 million words. Arizonians you need to take your governor in the corner room and give her a stern talking to about how she’s representing you in front of the world. You don’t stick your finger in the President’s face. Wait a minute, it goes far beyond that. Even if he wasn’t the President, you don’t go sticking your finger in someone’s face. 

As adults we have learned, or should have learned by now, that we speak and communicate our points of view with our mouths and NOT our hands. She knows good and well if he had been seen wagging his finger in her face, Gloria Allred (allegedly) and every feminist women’s group in the country would have been up in arms. Well that goes both ways lady! Put your hands in your pockets if you can’t control yourself. Thank you.
 Read the full story here:   Photo credited to ABC news.

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2 Responses to ““Ugly” Politics…A Sad Day…A New Low Reached!”

  1. joesix Says:

    There’s a lot of us Arizonans who would love to give her a stern talking to — without fingers. She’s interested in career politics and selling books.

    • Pamela Kay Noble Brown Says:

      joesix, Sadly, it seems that way. If she were having this same conversation behind the closed doors of the oval offices, that would be different. But these politicians have to realize that their actions are seen around the world and portrays them in a pretty bad light.

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