Inspirational Story of Love, Faith, and Romance

Greetings Book lovers, 

Do you enjoy reading Christian Fiction Romance with a twist of mystery and suspense thrown in?   I would really appreciate it if you would please support me and share this information with your book club members, and family and friends on email, twitter, facebook if you enjoy the book. 

And if you do get the chance to read it, I would really appreciate it if you would go back in and write a one or two sentence review of the book for me, as in if you would recommend it or not.

The book information is:


by Pamela Kay Noble Brown

On Sale for .99


Melanie has finally met the man of her dreams, but life is never easy for one who has suffered a lifetime of horrific loss. She was compelled to return to her hometown, sure that enough years had passed since the tragedy. But why does she keep having those same horrible nightmares? Was domestic abuse a curse that was passed on from one generation to the next with no escape?

And her boyfriend’s mother Mrs. Harriet Cornelius seems to be a sweet person, but there’s something about her that Melanie just can’t put her finger on. A shameful family secret may just keep Melanie from becoming too deeply involved, yet she longs for the kind of life and love others have. Will she find a way to overcome her fears, or will she simply walk away?

I invite you to read a free sample online.

Available for Kindle and Nook

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


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