Outstanding Read!!!

Just read “Deliver Me From My Enemies” by Sharon Oliver.  This book picks up right where “Keep your Enemies Closer” left off.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, a page-turner that keeps you reading straight through to the end.  Ms. Oliver brings back the beloved cast of zany characters and introduces us to some very interesting new friends and family members. 

Ms. Oliver is a talented writer who fills this books with people that we care about because we can relate.  Her observations and descriptions are witty and on-point.  This book will have you feeling the full range of emotions from curiosity, shocked disbelief, anger, amusement, horror, justification, and amidst all this, awe at the hand of God in all (good and bad) that the characters go through. 

Once again Ms. Oliver has written a story that demonstrates how people, nor things, are not always what them seem at first glance.  By the end of this book, this reader was left with a sense of closure in some developments, and yet, a tantalizing sense of wonder about what will happen next.  A perfect balance for a good read.


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