Rev. Jackson’s Blurry Rainbow

     The PUSH Rainbow Coalition was always, in my mind, the stuff dreams were made of.  A coalition of people of all races and economic status united in a PUSH for justice for all.  To top it off, this Rainbow was headed by the Rev. Jesse Jackson.  A man who’s fiery oratory style stirred the hearts of us all in his historic turn as a black man running for President of the United States of America in 1984.

     Fast forward some 18 years later….Rev. Jackson is caught muttering unkind things about another black man running for President of these same United States.   Rev. Jackson apparently thought his microphone was off and said that Senator Obama was “talking down to black people” and that he “wanted to chop his nuts off”.  What????? How dare he call to mind such an emasculating image along the lines of lynching or anything that would cut off the generations to come of blacks in America.

     To be fair, Rev. jackson immediately apologized and Senator Obama, class act that he is, accepted with no return insults.  But I am just appalled.  Leaders have to learn that they are automatically catapulted to a higher standard.  They accept the accolades, but must also accept the huge responsibility of being considered a leader, especially a religious leader.

     Maybe I’m naive, but I pictured Rev. Jackson offering himself as a mentor to Sen. Obama.  After all it was his historic race that paved the way for Sen. Obama to be well on his way to becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America. He could have, should have, been giving Sen. Obama valuable tips on what to do and what paths to avoid.  Each generation teach the next and take them even further.

     Reverend or not, I admit that Rev. Jackson is just a human being subject to mistakes like all of the rest of us.  I’m sure even Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (with whom Rev. Jackson worked so closely) had his frustrating moments.  But any crass remarks he made went to the grave with he and his wife.  Who knows what unkind thoughts Sen. Obama might have had so far…I’ll tell you who knows…..God, Sen. Obama, and his wife Michelle.  Rev. Jackson would do well to learn to vent his frustrations behind closed, and unmicrophoned, doors, at home, with his wife during their private conversations.  We’ve come a long way, but the old sayings still apply……….”Don’t hang your dirty laundry in public”.   Thank you


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