The Jiggles

     What goes around comes around.  I’ve heard that statement all of my life, and I should have taken it seriously.  I can remember vividly at the age of 38 sitting at lunch with a dear friend of mine and not being able to take my eyes off of her upper inner arms. Try as I might to be discreet, there was some kind of morbid fascination/pity/wonderment thing going on in my mind about the state of her arms.  Now I was overvweight, but it was an effortlessy tight kind of fat I was carrying around.  Skin nice and taunt on a thick frame.

     What the heck happens to skin elasticity in the mid-forties?  Now it’s me on every hot sleeveless southern day wondering if people are staring at MY upper inner arms.  It’s really strange, because I’ve lost weight.  But the skin didn’t snap back.  It hangs there in dimpled bags like it’s just waiting for fat, air, something, anything to fill it up.  It’s so crinkly, I can’t stand it.  And I’ve lost weight in my stomach area, but it’s all crinkly too.  What’s the deal????  The more weight you lose, the more the skin hangs, no matter how many toning exercises you do. 

     They say women are great consumers right?  Well I’ve discovered a sure-fire way to make oodles of money.  Everyone knows how to lose weight… less and move more.  But if someone can bottle up a way to get rid of the jiggly crinkles of middle-aged skin…..look out baby…they’re gonna be RICH.  And I’m gonna be the first customer. (lol)   Hurry Please.


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