The Customer is “NOT” always right!!!

     I work in a call center and it is my first real experience with customer service.  I’ve been there so far for eight months.  I’ve always considered myself the type of person who would be great in this job because I really love to help people.  But my goodness…..

     We have to end every call with “Have I resolved all of your issues”?  Nice enough question.  But it really opens up a floodgate of complaints.  Of course, there’s always another issue.  Then after we resolve that issue we have to ask it again.  So after finally resolving 13 other issues (totally unrelated to the issue the caller first gave) the call ends.  Then the manager jumps all over you because the call lasted over 3 minutes.  Talk about high pressure.

     Some customers are really appreciative and kind.  But then there are so many that call in with an overblown sense of entitlement.  “I’ve been a customer for so-and-so years and I want to be compensated for such-and-such”.  We go out of our way to justify giving them something extra and they’re still not satisfied.  “If you want me to stay, you have to also give me such-and-such”.  Ok, this might be smart on their part, and I as a consumer can certainly understand this strategy, but please stop with the attitudes.  Like the old folks used to say…You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. 

     Another thing I’ve noticed is that more people will ask for your id information and supervisor’s name if they’re going to lodge a complaint.  When the customer is satisfied, they ring off and rarely ask for your information and take the time to call your supervisor with a compliment.  It’s like if the call is good, and the issue resolved, oh well, that’s to be expected.  And it should be.  But a little appreciation would be nice.

     So this has given me a whole new compassionate perspective when I have to put in a call to the customer service departments of other businesses.  I’m much more apt to let management know about the excellent customer service I’m given instead of just taking it for granted.  And also, “Please” and “Thank You” and still powerful words….let’s all use them.



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